Studio notices
& handouts
Offering classes
in Tap, Ballet,
Hip Hop Jazz,  
Pointe, Tumbling,
and Funk Tap

Ages 3-Adult
Family friendly

Account information
To avoid a bookkeeping fee, please pay your account in full by the 7th of each month (see calendar for
dates of payments).  We must enforce this policy.  After the 7th there is a bookkeeping fee added to your
account.  If the child is absent the 1st week, the payment is still due by the 7th you may mail it or stop by
any evening Mon - Thur. We only bill delinquent accounts.  Payments may be in cash, bank bill pay, check
or money order (Sorry no credit cards accepted).  Our front desk will be staffed the first lesson of each
month during regular business hours for any assistance you may require.  No payments are accepted by
phone.  There is a $35.00 insufficient check charge per deposit. All fees are non-refundable.  If you
decide to discontinue your lessons, you must notify the dance studio in writing.  All payments will be
expected until we are notified.  We have conveniently divided your annual dance payment into 8 equal
payments due the 1st lesson of each month.

Weather Cancellation Policy
Please see the notice posted in the studio to subscribe to a texting app that will remind you about
important information.  It is free, texting rates will apply.
 Do not assume that class is cancelled because
schools have been cancelled.  Many times the weather and roads clear by the afternoon.  We do not call
each individual student in the event of cancellation due to weather.  We will contact the local TV stations
and ask that they post it. Also I will send information to the app that I asked you to join.  Joining
information is posted in the studio.

Parking and Drop off
Remember that the driveway is a one way drive entering on 70th st exiting on Madison.  PLEASE do not
sit and wait for your child to come out.  Other students are behind you trying to get in and the traffic then
gets backed up on to 70th st.  Please be considerate of our neighbors when parking near their drives.  
Beware of the handicap ramp on the building to the west of the studio.  
It has to be there by law. I know
the drive is very tight, but the city felt there was enough room for the ramp, and parking.  If you drive a
large vehicle please avoid parking in the 2 spots directly across from the ramp, it makes it impossible to
pass your wide SUV, truck, or van to exit.  If you park in either of those spaces please pull as far to the
right as possible, don’t worry about the grass, leaving car passing space is more important.

Elite Dance Outfitters has a complete list of our studio requirements.  They are located at 9962 Swanson
Blvd. in Clive.  Clothing that is
unacceptable for students is:  pajama pants, boxer shorts, any over sized
clothing, jeans, and any pants that drag on the floor.  If the students clothing presents a danger they will
be asked to change or sit and observe the class.  Girls may wear yoga pants and cami shirts, leotards,
biketards, booty shorts and a form fitted shirt.  Boys may wear shorts or sweat pants and a t-shirt tucked
in.  And the proper shoes for each class.

Make up classes
If you miss your regular scheduled class, we provide a make up class that is COMPARABLE.  Please
make up any missed lessons within 2 weeks of absence.  They might not always be the same dances.  If
you would like a make up class, please call the studio at 276-7475.  Make up classes are not required.  
No make up classes are allowed during observation week or the last month of classes.  

Waiting room etiquette
We ask that you be aware of others around you.  ALL CHILDREN need to be kept under control, no
running, horse play or screaming please!  It is not fair to a class when the teacher has to stop class to go
into the waiting room and discipline a child. The noise level must be kept to a minimum.  Please pick up all
of your trash.  The cubby holes are for shoes, bags and extras, please use them so the benches may be
used for seating.  If you plan on leaving your child unattended, please speak to them about the
appropriate behavior that is expected.  We don’t mind if you eat at the studio, but we are NOT your
maids.  Please pick up your food and drink waste when you are done.

Costume measuring
We will be measuring for costumes in Oct.  I realize that the recital is not until May, but I do allow for
growth.  If you are concerned with how we measure, feel free to measure your child yourself and give me
their measurements before Oct 15th, 2017  If you do so, you will take all responsibility for alterations, and
any other adjustments that might need to be made.  I cannot re-order costumes.  It takes 3-4 months to
get a single costume. I will need the bust, waist, hips and girth of your child.  Please remember if you do
this and the costume doesn’t fit I can do nothing about it.

A note from the Staff
We would like to thank you for being a student at the Currie Dance Studio. We are very excited for the
season to get underway!  We are believers in a positive atmosphere.  We want your child to believe in
themselves, gain confidence, and have fun all while expressing themselves in the wonderful world of
dance/tumbling.  We believe that dance/tumbling can help your child in every aspect of life.  
Dance/tumbling is not about who is the best, or how many awards you have, it is about the love and
passion that one gets from dance/tumbling.  Our hope is that you and your child share in our passion!

Currie Dance Studio Contact information:

Payments made payable to:  Currie Dance Studio

Mailing address:
Currie Dance Studio
3840 - 70th St.
Urbandale, IA 50322
Ph. 515-276-7475

3840 - 70th
Urbandale, IA 50322

Phone 515-276-7475
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